For many people who are arrested, bail is set too high to be able to afford.  It is, after all, meant to be high enough so you wouldn’t want to skip out on bail and lose it.  But for others, it’s not out of reach and they can tap into their savings and pay the full amount of bail and get it back after they’ve shown up in court.  No matter the outcome―acquittal, guilty, or the case was dropped―bail will be returned to the defendant.  Should you post the bail yourself or use a bail bond agent?

Advantages to Using a Bail Bond Agent

Using your cash for bail may be easier, require less paperwork, and have lower fees but there are more advantages to using the services of a bail bond agent instead of posting cash yourself.

You may not get all your cash back.  After your trial, if you’ve been found guilty, the court will likely take out any court fees or fines before they return your money to you and sometimes those fines are higher than they would’ve been if you used a bond.  If you go through a bail bond agent, the court will make arrangements with you after the trial for installment payments if there are any court costs or fees.

Your money is tied up.  If you need the money before your trial is over, too bad.  There’s no way to get it back before the end of your trial and even then you may not get it back right away.  With some courts, it can take months before you see your money again.

The court may not appoint an attorney for you.  To have a court-appointed attorney at no cost to you, you have to be able to prove that you don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer yourself.  It may be difficult to prove that you’re in a dire financial situation if you’re waving around thousands of dollars for bail.

You risk losing it.  If for any reason, you miss a court appearance like if you went to the wrong building or got a flat tire, you may have to forfeit your bail money.  If you use a bail bond agent and something like that happens, it’s easier to work it out with the court.

It’s less private.  Information on cash bail becomes a matter of public record and anyone can see it.  If you use a bail bond agent, the bond agent pays the bail and your name is kept out of it.

Your bail bond agent is on your side.  When you’re arrested, it’s difficult to think straight and there’s a lot of information and you need to make quick decisions.  A good bail bond agent will help you through the process and explain all of your options to you so you understand everything up front.   And they’ll remind you of your court dates so you don’t forget them!

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