• Do You Post Bonds In Other Counties?

    Yes, all of our locations do out of county bonds in most situations. We’d be happy to check for you to see if we can accommodate your situation.

  • What Is A Posting Fee?

    Most counties and jurisdictions charge a Bonding Post Fee which is money that is paid directly to the courts and not an additional fee retained by the bonding company.

  • What Is The Premium?

    The premium is the non-refundable fee paid to the bail bondsman to get the defendant out of jail.

  • What Is A Co-Signer?

    As with any type of loan, a co-signer/indemnitor is a person who guarantees that the client pays the bondsman’s fee and appears at all of his court dates. The co-signer assumes complete responsibility of the bond and all associated fees should the defendant fails to show up in court or pay his fees.

  • Can I Make Payments?

    In certain cases, clients and co-signers are allowed to make payments toward their premium, but it is always best if the client pays the premium in full or makes as large a down payment as possible.

  • Do I Get My Money Back?

    Only collateral is returned. All other fees paid to the bail bond company are nonrefundable.

  • What Is Collateral?

    Collateral is money and/or property that are surrendered to the bond company to cover the downpayment or for the total amount of the bond. After the defendant has shown up for his/her court date and has settled the case and/or paid the associated fees, the collateral is returned to the original holder.

  • What Is Required For Me To Get Someone Out Of Jail?

    In most cases, you need to be employed and have a recent pay stub to prove it, have a state issued ID, and have the premium to pay the bond company, usually 10-15% of the original bail amount.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Bail And A Bond?

    Bail is an amount of money that a court decides that a defendant needs to pay in order to be released from jail to ensure that the defendant will return for his or her court date. If the defendant fails to show up for the court date, the bail is forfeited. Many people cannot afford the amount of the bail, but they can go to a bail bondsman to obtain a bond which simply means that they pay the bondsman a fee, and the bondsman in turn pays their bail and promises the court that they, the defendant, will show up for their court date.