All You Need to Know About Immigration Bonds

It can be very devastating for families who have a loved one that gets locked away due to their current immigration status. A lot of people think that when a loved one is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), that is the end until they are eventually deported. 

Top Myths on Bail Bonds: Busted

Pregnant and Arrested: Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting arrested while pregnant can be scary for both the expecting mother and the family. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just become pregnant or you far along in your pregnancy knowing your rights and how to handle the process can make things much less stressful. 

Can you be bonded out on a weekend?

It’s really common for people to get arrested on a Friday or Saturday night for things like fights, DUI, or drug related offenses. If you are arrested on a weekend will you have to stay in jail until Monday when courts are back in session? Whether or not you can get bonded out of jail on a weekend depends on your unique situation.

How Bail Bonds Work

If you are arrested for a crime you are put in jail until you appear in front of a judge. But in most cases you can avoid having to stay in jail until your court appearance by promising to appear in court when you are supposed to and by paying money known as bail. When you pay the bail you are released from jail. If you show up at your court appearance then that money is returned to you. It’s essentially a deposit that you put down to ensure that you come back when you’re supposed to.