Turning Yourself In: What You Need to Know

If you are aware or think they may be a warrant out for your arrest there are multiple ways you can take control of the situation. It’s normal to have panic and fear cloud your judgment but when you turn yourself in, you give yourself the chance to get ahead of the situation and demonstrate good faith. 

Recognizing the Different Types of Domestic Violence

When the term “domestic violence” is brought up, many people only think of physical abuse. However, according to Texas law, there are many ways that abuse can happen. Other types of domestic violence include psychological, financial, sexual, and emotional. 

All You Need to Know About Immigration Bonds

It can be very devastating for families who have a loved one that gets locked away due to their current immigration status. A lot of people think that when a loved one is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), that is the end until they are eventually deported. 

Top Myths on Bail Bonds: Busted

Pregnant and Arrested: Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting arrested while pregnant can be scary for both the expecting mother and the family. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just become pregnant or you far along in your pregnancy knowing your rights and how to handle the process can make things much less stressful.