Have you ever been in a situation where there are too many options to choose from and you’re afraid to choose the wrong one? When it comes to choosing which type of bond to go with, it can be confusing. Not everyone knows or understands the differences. There are two types of main bonds which then have other types categorized beneath them. Knowing the options can help you or your loved one choose the best one.

Types of Bonds

  • Secured Bond: when an individual pays money or bail property to secure their release.
  • Unsecured Bond: not backed by anything tangible and is given sparingly due to high risk factor.

Types of Secured Bonds

  • Cash Bond (a.k.a. Bail): paid in cash. Most corrections departments will only accept cash but some will accept checks or credit cards. All bail can be paid in cash; however, some bail can only be paid in cash. This occurs when a severe crime has been committed and bail cannot be denied but the individual is a flight risk. In this case, the bail is set high enough that paying cash is not possible.
  • Property Bond: Allows the individual to use their property as collateral. However, a property bond takes time to get. The property must first be assessed for its value and then a court hearing must be conducted to make sure that everyone agrees. The most common type of property used is real estate.
  • Surety Bond (a.k.a. Bond): This is when the individual pays a bondsman 10% of the bail fee stating they will show up on the court date. The bondsman then posts bail for that individual to get out of jail.

Types of Unsecured Bond

  • Recognizance Release: Very rare, requires no money, and just the individual’s word stating they will appear in court. The individual will be released from custody as soon as they sign the paperwork. Even though no money is due, there will be a fine if the individual does not show up at court. Only the arresting officers are able to give a recognizance release.

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