Bail bonds can be expensive. It is common to see the price tag associated with a bail bond and immediately consider waiting it out in jail to save some money. Although this is an option, sucking it up and waiting it out might not be the best strategy when it comes to jail time. In the following, we outline a few reasons why getting out of jail as soon as possible is the best option after being arrested.

Mental and Physical Health Are Not Only Important to You, But to Your Case

Your surroundings greatly impact your health. If you’ve never been to jail before, you need to know that it is not a desirable place to be. Once in jail, you don’t get the food you’re used to. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but if you are undernourished you will be more prone to physical and mental health issues. Subsequent to arrest, you are not guaranteed that there’s going to be adequate COVID-19 measures at your local or region jail. People can also be assaulted when in jail and experience more thoughts of self-harm or suicide than is usual. Under these conditions, it is extremely difficult to aid your lawyer in presenting the best case possible when your day in court comes. All of these factors are important because, on your court date, you’re going to want to feel and look your best.

It Might Not Be Fair, But Perception is Everything

Guilty or not, the act of someone staying in jail doesn’t look good and typically doesn’t bode well for your case. Think about a judge looking at your case. If the judge sees that the accused isn’t trying to resume a normal life by making bail, they are going to question why. Why does the accused not value their freedom? Does the accused not have someone in their circle of friends and family that can vouch for them enough to pay bail?

Workplace consequences also need to be taken under consideration. Can you justify to your boss why you decided to stay in jail? Even if your boss is understanding, the lost hours of work can greatly reduce your financial means to defend yourself at court. Paying for a lawyer and communicating with a lawyer are difficult when stuck in jail. A lawyer does most of the work for your case, but a hands-on approach builds the strongest defense. Freely communicating with a lawyer in a timely manner is a stark contrast to how difficult it can be to mount your defense from inside a jail cell.

If you think that you’re better off at home than in jail, then a bail bond is the right choice for you. As mentioned earlier, bail bonds can be expensive. However, it is important to know that the criminal justice system sets these amounts, not the bondsmen. A bail bond agency is there get you out of jail fast in order for you to make the best possible case when your day in court comes. AAAA Bail Bonds makes this process easier on you with over 25 of experience and convenient E-bonds that you can set up right from your phone. Learn more about AAAA Bail Bonds here or call 936-539-4444