In Texas, domestic violence is usually known as “family violence.” There are a variety of situations where someone might be accused of family violence, such as when arguments between spouses, unmarried couples, or other family members get out of hand and the police are called to deal with it. If someone is accused or thought to have committed family violence, then they could be arrested and taken into police custody. When a person is arrested for family violence, he or she will need to know how they can post bail and get released from jail, as well as other matters that might affect them during their criminal case.

Family Violence Charges

Usually when someone is arrested for family violence in Texas, he or she will be charged with domestic assault. To be charged with domestic assault, a person must have intentionally injured another person in their family or household or threatened to cause injuries. This offense may also apply when someone makes physical contact with a member of their family in a way that would upset or aggravate that person. In other words, there are many types of actions that can lead to a family violence arrest, varying from physical abuse to something as simple as poking another individual in the chest.

Domestic assault is normally charged as a Class A misdemeanor. However, if someone has already been convicted on family violence charges, then it could be charged as a second-degree felony. If the person supposedly used a deadly weapon and caused major injuries against family members, the charges could be increased to first-degree felony aggravated domestic assault.

When someone has been arrested on family violence charges, bail will be set in which a person must pay before they can get out of jail. The amount of bail will be established according to the severity of the charges, as well as other factors, such as whether the individual is considered a flight risk. For a misdemeanor family violence charge, bail could be set at a few thousand dollars or less. On the other hand, if accusations are stated involving aggravated domestic assault or if which an individual apparently hurt or injured a family member, then bail could be set at tens of thousands of dollars.

There are some cases where a protective order known as a Magistrate’s Order of Emergency Protection may be issued. This is a type of restraining order that is required when a victim has suffered from major bodily injuries or when someone supposedly used or flaunted a lethal weapon while committing domestic assault. A judge also has the right to issue a protective order in cases where they think it is necessary. An emergency restraining order may demand that an individual stays away from certain places, such as the alleged victim’s home or workplace. It will also forbid a person from harassing or threatening family members. It may also be mandatory for an individual to hand over firearms they own or a concealed handgun license, and they could be subject to GPS monitoring.

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