If you’ve ever needed to post bail, for yourself of a loved one, you probably are aware of some of the myths surrounding bail, as well as bail bonds. While these myths may seem unsubstantiated, you might be questioning if there is any truth to them. Regardless of what you’ve heard though, the fact is that following an arrest, your life is put on hold until you can post bail. 

 We’re here to set the record straight on the top four bail and bail bond myths. Read on to educate yourself about bail before you need to post it.

Myth: You Qualify For Bail No Matter What

This is one of the most common myths we’ve come across, and it’s the most frustrating one for people to hear. If you’ve committed a crime, even as a first time offender, you don’t immediately qualify for bail. The court will determine if you’re eligible for bail, and when. In some cases, depending on the extent of the crime, you may not be eligible for bail at all.

Myth: Bail Has to Be Paid For in Full

This is not the case in all situations. When applying for a bail bond through AAAA Discount Bail Bonds, we can sometimes allow for clients and co-signers to make payments on their bail bond over time. In order to do so, however, we have to review the case as well as other information. Regardless, we recommend that the bail bond be paid in full upfront, or with the largest down payment possible, to make life easier on all parties.

Myth: After Bail is Posted, You’re Free

Many people have this mindset regarding posting bail, and it’s far from the truth. Bail is a system that’s set up as a conditional release. The main condition in this conditional release, as is implied by the name, is that the defendant will appear in court when it is required. If you’ve just been released on bail, it’s most important to get all of your affairs in order and stay in contact with the court. In most cases, restrictions that will be set on the client have to do with travel, the use of alcohol or illicit substances, and of course to not commit further offenses while out on bail.

Myth: Bail Can Be Negotiated by the Bond Agency

This one is also a myth. Bail is determined by a number of factors set in place, as well as by circumstances that vary from case to case. No matter what, though, there is a standard bail schedule for all crimes committed that is adhered to. For more information on how bail is determined, read through our in-depth article about it.

The Takeaway

When discussing the myths surrounding bail and bail bonds, you come to find that many of them are perpetuated thanks to hopeful thinking. Being out on bail is something to be taken very seriously, and the time spent while out needs to be spent wisely. If you or a loved one needs assistance regarding bail bonds, be sure to give AAAA Discount Bail Bonds a call at 936-539-4444 with any questions you may have.