Getting arrested while pregnant can be scary for both the expecting mother and the family. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just become pregnant or you far along in your pregnancy knowing your rights and how to handle the process can make things much less stressful. 

Here is an easy-to-follow guide on what you can do immediately upon arrest. 

  1. Immediately Inform 

Regardless of what kind of arrangement you are being taken into the first thing, you need to do is inform the officers arresting you. This way they don’t hurt you or the baby during the arrest, transfer, or can help with putting more safety guardrails up while awaiting bail. 

It’s also important so that they can know any medications you are on and not confiscate ones that help with the pregnancy. 

  1. Make the Call

Not everyone is guaranteed a call but informing your officers that you are pregnant and you would like to call a family member is a good idea. There should be a few things done on this call so make sure it is someone that can help take care of you. You should ask them to bring any medications prescribed for the pregnancy as well as reach out to a trusted bonds company and/or lawyer for you. 

  1. Understand Your Rights

Everyone who gets arrested has certain rights. Knowing some of the basic ones can be particularly helpful to pregnant women so they are not waiting around for a bail amount to be set. While some vary a little from state to state, here are some of the important ones. 

  • Right to a lawyer/attorney without any police presence. 
  • Right to remain silent. 
  • Right to be arraigned by a judge to set bail as quickly as possible. 


  1. Get Out with Bail

Hopefully, you took the advice of asking your family member to start looking for a bail agency that can be trusted to set you free. This way you can get home and remain in the best possible health for you and the baby as you await trial. Sometimes a court will automatically assign you an agency when you are being booked but if you let them know you already have someone they will let you do that. 

Remain Calm

As long as you are not being tried for a majorly violent crime and you inform the officers of your pregnancy right away, likely you can make the process relatively smooth. It does require you to be upfront and honest as well as request a phone call to a trusted family member. That way you can have the right medications and care until you are granted bail. 

Use a good bonds company to ensure the paperwork goes smoothly and you aren’t held up any longer than need be. Careless mistakes can cause delays in getting you and your baby home. By following this process you can be in the comfort of your home preparing for your trial and ensuring your health.