Bail bonds and getting arrested is not a subject many people are familiar with. Tons of information circulates that actually is not true when it comes to bail bonds. Bail bonds don’t necessarily mean you are a free person to do whatever you want and some people are surprised when they aren’t offered bail in the first place. 

Understanding these three big myths below can not only save you money and wasted time but also prevent you from getting into further trouble if arrested. 

  1. Paying Bonds Make You a Free Man

Paying bonds does not mean that you can do whatever you want just like you did before getting arrested. Often depending on your arrest, there will be set conditions made by the judge to ensure you are not a flight risk nor a danger to anyone. 

For instance, if you are on arrest for a DUI or substance abuse your conditions likely will require that you will have an officer check-in to make sure you are not abusing substances while home. 

Some conditions require house arrest and ankle monitors. 

  1. Everyone Has the Option for Bail

Not all cases are able to receive a bail option even if they have a bondsman ready to go. There are several situations where bail is not permitted. While it is a case-by-case situation here are general situations in which bail will not be granted. 

  • History of multiple offenses and a criminal record.
  • Violent or serious crime where the person is considered to be dangerous.
  • Behavior puts others at risk (drug dealing, DUIs, etc.)
  • Capital offenses. 

As long as you aren’t involved in the above likely you will be given the opportunity to pay bail. 

  1. The Bond is Negotiated by Your Bondsman

Bondsman and their companies have absolutely no say in how much your bail is set. This is completely up to the judges and is determined by a bond schedule. It’s up to a judges discretion of how much to set the bail so they may deter from the schedule a little depending on your personal case and history. 

Pay Attention to the Details

Understanding bail is not the easiest thing in the world. If you aren’t granted bail than you don’t have to worry about that. This is one of the biggest myths because not everyone is entitled to bail. For those who are lucky and do have a set amount remember it’s not up to your bondsman how much you pay the judge, it’s up to them to help you pay the amount assigned. 

Once you do pay bail make sure to follow the court order very carefully. If you break the terms of your release than not only will you lose the money you paid for bail the first time but you won’t get a second chance. In fact, you probably hurt your case in general by showing you’re unreliable and willing to break the law. These myths are important to know inside and out cause they can land you in more trouble than you started with.