If you are aware or think they may be a warrant out for your arrest there are multiple ways you can take control of the situation. It’s normal to have panic and fear cloud your judgment but when you turn yourself in, you give yourself the chance to get ahead of the situation and demonstrate good faith. 

Here we will talk about what you need to know when turning yourself in and how you can work with bonds in the process. 

Check to See if Bail is Set

If you are confident there is a warrant out for your arrest, while you get ready to turn yourself in you can check with a bonds company to see if bail has been set. They will be able to see whether a judge has already set your bail or whether it has yet to be arranged. 

If bail has been set then a bail bonds company can start the paperwork process and pay the bond fees. From here you will still need to turn yourself in, go through the processing, and then be released out on bail. 

If this is the case you will need to see what bail conditions apply. For each case, a set of rules may apply such as no substance use, house arrest, or other similar boundaries. 

Do Not Wait for Bail to be Set

If bail is not set you may feel like it is a good idea to wait until bail is set. Sometimes depending on the bail schedule, the judge will not issue one until they guarantee the suspect will show up to court on their date of assigned hearing. 

In other words, bail is used as a deposit or guarantee that a suspect will comply with conditions and not become a flight risk. Flight risks generally do not get a bail option. 

Know What to Bring

When you go to turn yourself in you should bring some form of identification. In the event, that bail is denied, you should also bring any medication that you are currently prescribed by a doctor if you do know that you have an option to pay bail, bring that amount of cash or an acceptable form of payment with you. 

Leaning on a Support System

Knowing that you have or may have an active warrant out for your arrest is a scary thing to deal with. Having a great support system making following the advice above a lot easier. Just remember while it is easy to panic getting ahead of the curve by turning yourself in shows cooperation. 

When you turn yourself in you should have an idea of what type of bail has been set or if there is no bail at all. Typically, judges use a bail schedule based on precedent or similar cases to determine whether bail is available or not. 

By having a bail bonds agency ready to go with the paperwork and fees you could be out of jail as fast as the time it took to process you.