Oftentimes bounty hunters seem like something we hear about in a movie or TV show. But bounty hunters are actually used in an effort to secure a wanted fugitive or criminal for reward. They aren’t something mythical or pretend character but are used in real life by bail bond companies and other authorities. 

Let’s talk about what a bounty hunter really is, what they are allowed to do legally, and why you should be familiar with them. 

What is a Bounty Hunter?

Directly speaking, a bounty hunter is a person who is hired by a bail bondsman to find someone who has attempted to flee after being brought on charges. The reward itself is known as the bounty and hence the title of their job. But where does the money come from? The reward part comes from the percentage they will get from their bail money if found. Oftentimes this is around 10 to 20$ of the bail. 

Legally Speaking, What Can a Bounty Hunter Do?

Interestingly enough a bounty hunter is able to make arrests just like a police officer would. Even more interesting is the fact that they have a little more room to work with than a traditional police officer in the way that they make the arrest. They do not have to go through hoops to get arrest warrants as they can go through a person’s home and find the fugitive or criminal. 

Often this is why the bounty hunter is hired by a bondsman because they can get the job done a little bit faster than traditional law enforcement. 

Why Do They Hire a Bounty Hunter?

Besides the fact that they are skilled professionals that can make arrests without having to go through some serious limitations, they are hired in the event that the criminal fugitive has broken their set bail rules. 

When a person is set to bail they are often given a number of regulations they must follow or else they will go back to jail. These rules are different depending on the case but may include house arrest, substance ban like alcohol and drugs, maintaining a job, etc. If any of these rules are broken and the figurative flee they are set to pay bail and go back to prison.

 In this case, a bounty hunter is called in. 

Don’t Flee

Bounty hunters may seem like a joke because we often see them on tv and in movies but they really are trained skilled professionals that play an important part in the system. This is why if you are on bail you should adhere to the rules and never try to flee. 

This not only lowers your chances of winning your court case but also can end up being very costly for you. Not only will you have law enforcement on the search for you but the hired bounty hunter as well. That’s why it is better to seek help and not flee at any point.