Getting arrested is not something most people like to announce. For the most part, people want their privacy respected. But not a lot of people are thinking about how a bail bonds company can assist and in keeping your affairs private. 

There are a few things that a bail bonds company can do to ensure you or your loved ones that their case is safe with them. If you feel like it’s a bad fit, keep trying other companies. 

This is what you should know and look out for where it concerns your privacy and getting bail. 

Options to Meet

Some companies will give the option to meet somewhere other than the bonds office. This is something to check on the phone when you call the company. Oftentimes they will offer to send a bond agent to a meeting spot to get the ball rolling. 

If there is a warrant out for your arrest it is normal for police to check and monitor nearby bail bonds companies. A family member may still want to consider meeting outside the company’s office to respect their privacy as well. 

Request for Removed Ankle Monitors

It’s not always possible but if there is any case that requires an ankle monitor and house arrest, the bail bond agent can request for it to be removed. If you are a flight risk chances are that this won’t fly but if you have a good record they can consider it for your privacy. 

Something that also can be requested to move is blood alcohol content monitoring, Again this will depend on the severity of the case and whether the client can demonstrate they can be trusted while awaiting their court date. 

Ask About Their Security

While a bail bonds company is not required to keep their information confidential you can ask about their privacy policies and what they do to keep their client’s personal information safe. 

Understanding Privacy and Respect

Technically speaking if you are being arrested your name could appear in local papers. That doesn’t mean that you can expect some level of privacy where it concerns working with a bail bonds company. One of the things you should ask when trying to find someone to work with is whether they will be willing to meet you outside of the office. 

You can also ask about their security protection systems such as computer information or protocols if someone were to come up and ask about a particular client. It certainly is not the same as client-attorney privilege but there can be protocols in place to best protect the privacy of a bail bonds company’s client. 

Above all when privacy seems to be violated during the case you can ask your representative if they are willing to try and dismiss certain requirements with the judge. This could be something like an ankle monitor or a blood alcohol content test.