Being arrested can be a very emotional and scary experience and wondering what happens next can fill a person with anxiety. That’s why it’s important to understand what happens when someone is arrested and how best to move forward to ensure that they are well-taken care of and have the best chance to prove their innocence.

Do Not Resist Arrest

Being arrested can be a very stressful situation and often time’s people prefer to put up a fight instead of going willingly with the police. The decision to fight back or argue with the officer can allow for additional charges. Instead it is best to remain calm, listen to the Miranda rights for ask for an attorney – remember “you have the right to remain silent”!

Find a Qualified Attorney

Hiring a qualified attorney immediately after being arrested can be one of the most important things to do. An attorney will help in arranging bail, giving advice regarding the case and help to build a defense. Remember that the choice to which attorney to use is a very personal decision and that if a person cannot afford an attorney, a public defender will be appointed and will appear at the time of court.

Post Bail

In order to be released from the custody of the police, a person must be able to pay for bail. Bail is an amount determined by a judge that should be paid in order to remain out of jail while waiting for a court date. If an attorney is handling the case, they can arrange bail but often times it is the responsibility of friends and family to make these arrangements. While it is possible to pay cash to the court for bail, generally the amount necessary is too high. When this is the case, there may be a need to seek out a bail bond company to discuss if they will be able to lend the funds needed to release them from the custody of the police.

Being arrested is one of the most stressful things you could ever experience. It is easy to become stressed, afraid and highly emotional which can lead to you making mistakes. Understanding your rights and making sure you take the right steps can help in making the process as smooth as possible.

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